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R&I Guide: Quick Ref

Recruitment and Interview Guide for Supervisors

A Quick Reference for Recruitment & Hiring

This outline is intended as an introduction to the process of recruitment - or to refresh your memory of it - but should not be relied on as a substitute for reading the entire guide. Each major step is noted.

1. For new positions and existing faculty and staff enter recruitment information on PeopleAdmin.

2. Once the position is posted, applications can be viewed. 

3. Extended posting may be requested if the applicant pool is not adequate.

4. Upon approval from Provost, conduct faculty job interviews. Staff positions do not require approval to interview. Administer driver's check if appropriate.

5. Select a candidate and complete required hiring steps in PeopleAdmin.

6. To set salaries for all staff positions, complete the Proposed Salary tab in PeopleAdmin in collaboration with your next supervisory level/Human Resources representative. 

7. Route requisition to Dean/Director for approval. Dean/Director will approve/route accordingly.

8. When  requisition status is “Ready for Offer”, make the offer of employment to the candidate selected. A copy of the written offer must be sent to Payroll Records. Schedule new employee for benefits orientation.

13. Complete Personnel Action Form and Salary Distribution Form and forward to Payroll/Records Office. Employee Information Form, W-4, and Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) will be completed by new employee in Orientation.

14. Notify unsuccessful interviewed candidates. Other applicants will receive an update through the UVM Job Site/Electronic Applicant System.

15. Maintain paperwork and electronic materials for three years.

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