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Managing New Hires

Managing New Hires

New employees are required to participate in a comprehensive onboarding program. The program is designed to help ensure that individuals experience a smooth transition into their role at UVM, and provide a forum to discuss a variety of issues related to the climate and culture of the University.

The program is comprised of two separate and distinct sessions on the following topics:

  • New Hire Enrollment Session
  • UVM Culture and Community

Supervisors register employees for both sessions. The first session should coincide with a new employee's first day of employment. Full registration procedures can be found here.

Before attending, new employees need to review the New Hire Enrollment: Personal Preparation site which includes information and forms they will be required to submit at orientation. Those who bring completed forms to orientation will be able to leave the session earlier.

Please note: These orientations are also appropriate for new faculty. Those whose positions begin at the start of the academic year should attend the New Faculty Orientation in late August, but those starting at other times of the year would benefit from attending these sessions.

To help supervisors create an orientation plan, visit the resource Orienting Employees within the Unit.

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