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Managers' Corner

Managers have need of specific information that is unique to their role: information about the ins and outs of recruitment and compensation and performance appraisals. On this page we've brought together all the information that is most likely to be of interest to those whose responsibilities represent an extension of the human resource function into the departments:

Background Checks

Please download the newest version of the Background Check Forms & Information document every time you need to submit a background check request. This will ensure that you are using the most up to date forms and that we remain compliant with any new federal and state laws. Send any questions you have to



Hiring Resources

Labor & Employee Relations (LER)


We use PeopleAdmin to inititate recruitments for faculty and staff and to initiate position actions for classified staff. See the PeopleAdmin Resources page for help.


We use PeopleSoft to run the financial and human resources systems. See the PeopleSoft mini manuals page for help.

Policies and Handbooks

Position Number Management

When starting a new recruitment, one of your first tasks is to determine whether you should use an active existing position number, use an inactive existing position number, or create a new position number. We have developed a Position Number Management Guide to help you.

Recruiting Resources

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