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Consulting Solutions Overview

Labor & Employee Relations Overview

The Labor and Employee Relations professionals provide consulting services to leaders in all University colleges and divisions. We support leaders to attract, challenge and retain a diverse, well-qualified staff dedicated to the University’s mission and strategic plan. Specifically, labor and employee relations professionals work with vice presidents, deans, directors, chairpersons, managers and supervisors on an array of issues affecting staff employees:

  • Hiring and welcoming new employees
  • Workforce and position planning
  • Performance management and progressive discipline
  • Union contract interpretation and consultation
  • Labor/Management relationship-building  
  • Employee relations
  • Grievance support
  • Leave management
  • Building effective work groups and teams
  • Motivating people and resolving conflicts
  • Policy clarification and interpretation
  • Management workshops and training
  • Retreat planning and facilitation
  • Reorganization, business planning and change management

Each professional is dedicated to a specific area of campus with the goal of building effective collaborative relationships with our University business partners.  Our team approach to problem-solving is designed to produce effective results consistent with the goals and objectives of each unit.

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