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PeopleAdmin 7.0 FAQ

FAQs for PeopleAdmin 7.0 System Upgrade

PeopleAdmin 7.0 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. Please check back here regularly for new information during the rollout period.

Where do I access the system?

Please refresh your browser or clear your cache in order to access the system sites.

Access the new PeopleAdmin 7.0 site at the existing URL:

Access to information in the pre-Aug 6th PeopleAdmin site is not yet available on a campus-wide basis. If you need immediate access in order to process a pending action or posting, please email Karen Huyler.

When will training be provided?

Training sessions are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, August 27, 2:00 to 4:00 PM in Waterman Bldg 338
  • Tuesday, September 2, 10:00 AM to Noon in Waterman Bldg 338

Do I have to attend training?

Because the new system looks significantly different than the current one, we encourage you to attend training to help you become oriented to PeopleAdmin 7.0. In addition to training, you will find useful job aids at PeopleAdmin Resources to assist you as you navigate and learn the new system. Your utilization of these available resources will help us reduce waiting times during the anticipated initial period of high volume customer contact as the system goes live.

Do I need to register for training?

No, registration is not necessary.

Do I need a new user account?

Current approved user accounts will be imported into the new system so that you will not need to request a new account.

I have a position posted in the current site and wish to continue receiving applications after go live. How will this work?

The current applicant site will be shut down as required by the vendor, PeopleAdmin. The current internal site will remain operational until further notice, giving departments the opportunity to finalize any outstanding actions.

  • Any positions that are currently posted will be transitioned into the new system by Human Resource Services.
  • Applicants for currently posted positions will not need to re-apply in the new system and should remain under consideration.
  • New applications for currently posted positions will be submitted in the new system.

How do I handle applicants when my position lives in both the new and the old system?

For jobs that remained posted in PeopleAdmin at the time we went live with the new system, we created a duplicate posting in the new system. Applicants from the old system could not be migrated to the new system, because it would invalidate their certification.

  • The old system has all pre-upgrade applicants
  • The new system only has post-upgrade applicants
  • So the sum of the 2 systems has the complete pool

In order to access all the applicants, search committee members must have Guest User access in both systems. You can find the Guest user name and password information in each system, and provide the information to search committee members to access applicants in the two systems.

When it comes time to hire a candidate, you will submit for approval to hire in whichever system the candidate applied in.

I am getting too many emails from the system. What can I do?

You can manage email options by changing the settings in your user  profile. User instructions are available. 

Where do I find help?

Contact your Business Manager or Dean's office for assistance.

Job aids and instructions for working in PeopleAdmin are available at PeopleAdmin Resources. Please remember that these materials are updated frequently based upon user feedback. You may need to refresh your browser or clear your cache in order to access the most recent version of a page. There are also links to resources and support materials embedded in the PeopleAdmin tabs. For additional assistance contact or 656-3150.


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