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Compensation Questions and Answers

How are salaries set when classified staff change positions or titles as the result of a position review?

The appropriate salary is determined on an individual basis by the management team responsible for the position, working together with Human Resource Services. Normally, upon movement of a position to a higher payband, an employee is eligible to receive a position review increase. An appropriate salary is determined, taking market data and internal equity into account. Generally, the minimum increase will be no less than 5%. The new salary cannot be below the minimum of the new payband. Salary increases are retroactive to the date that HRS received the action in PeopleAdmin.

Does UVM have annual increases for classified staff?

Salary increases for classified staff are granted at the beginning of each staff member's appointment year (e.g., on July 1 for a 12-month appointment year, on September 1 for a 9-month appointment year).

How do hiring departments set salaries for new employees in classified positions?

To offer salaries over the first quartile of the payband, or to set salaries for internal transfers and returning employees, approval from HRS is required. To obtain approval, complete the Staff Proposed Salary tab on PeopleAdmin.

Last modified May 12 2011 01:52 PM