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Bonus Program Background

Bonus Program Background

Prior "Pilot" Bonus Program at UVM

In 1999, three divisions—Athletics, Advancement, and Continuing Education—indicated a desire to award bonuses. The reasons these divisions wanted a bonus mechanism were diverse. Athletics needed to respond to a gift specifically to enhance salaries within a department. Continuing Education wanted to establish a commission system to reward increased revenue generation. Two of the units sought to reward team performance that contributes to the mission and goals of the department and the University.

In March 2000, representatives of Development & Alumni Relations, Continuing Education, and the Student Affairs divisions met with Human Resources to draft a proposal that would allow bonus awards for staff employees. Their intent was to craft a policy broad enough to encompass the diverse needs of individual divisions, yet specific enough to ensure accountability and minimize risk to the institution.

In May 2000, that group drafted a pilot bonus document that has been used as the basis for the Athletics Department pilot bonus program. Development & Alumni Relations did not use the pilot bonus program. Continuing Education established a commission payment within UVM’s supplemental compensation policy.

In July of 2004, as part of the implementation of the UVM’s Career/Pay system for classified staff,  Human Resource Services drafted a bonus program in collaboration with UVM’s HR (Human Resource) Representatives.  In February of 2007, based on three years of experience using the draft bonus program, Human Resources implemented a revised bonus program, once again in collaboration with UVM’s HR Representatives.

Awards at UVM

Over the years, UVM has presented monetary awards to staff in a limited number of circumstances, such as Staff Council’s Employee of the Year award. For more information on awards and prizes, refer to the University Policy on Awards, Prizes, and Winnings.

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