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Action Verbs

Action Verbs

This list is intended to provide a common language to describe a body of work:

Administer Manage or direct the execution of affairs.
Adopt Take up and practice as one's own.
Advise Recommend a course of action; offer an informal opinion based on specialized knowledge.
Analyze Separate into elements and critically examine.
Anticipate Foresee and deal with in advance.
Appraise Give an expert judgment of worth or merit.
Approve Accept as satisfactory; exercise final authority with regard to commitment of resources.
Arrange Make preparation for an event; put in proper order.
Assemble Collect or gather together in a predetermined order from various sources.
Assign Specify or designate tasks or duties to be performed by others.
Assume Undertake; take for granted.
Assure Give confidence; make certain of.
Authorize Approve; empower through vested authority.
Calculate Make a mathematical computation.
Circulate Pass from person to person or place to place.
Clear Gain approval of others.
Collaborate Work jointly with; cooperate with others.
Collect Gather.
Compile Put together information; collect from other documents.
Conduct Carry on; direct the execution of.
Confer Consult with others to compare views.
Consolidate Bring together.
Consult Seek the advice of others.
Control Measure, interpret and evaluate actions for conformance with plans or desired results.
Coordinate Regulate, adjust or combine the actions of others to attain harmony.
Correlate Establish a reciprocal relationship.
Correspond Communicate with.
Delegate Commission another to perform tasks or duties that may carry specific degrees of accountability.
Design Conceive, create and execute according to plan.
Determine Resolve; fix conclusively or authoritatively.
Develop Disclose, discover, perfect or unfold a plan or idea.
Devise Come up with something new - perhaps by combining or applying known ideas or principles.
Direct Guide work operations through the establishment of objectives, policies, rules, practices, methods and standards.
Discuss Exchange views for the purpose of arriving at a conclusion.
Dispose Get rid of.
Disseminate Spread or disperse information.
Distribute Deliver to proper destinations.
Draft Prepare papers or documents in preliminary form.
Endorse Support or recommend.
Establish Bring into existence.
Estimate Forecast future requirements.
Evaluate Determine or fix the value of.
Execute Put into effect or carry out.
Exercise Exert.
Expedite Accelerate the process or progress of.
Formulate Develop or devise.
Furnish Provide with what is needed; supply.
Implement Carry out; execute a plan or program.
Improve Make something better.
Initiate Start or introduce.
Inspect Critically examine for suitability.
Interpret Explain something to others.
Investigate Study through close examination of systematic inquiry.
Issue Put forth or to distribute officially.
Manage Direct personnel and area/unit/department operations.
Maintain Keep in an existing state.
Monitor Observe, track, or check for a specific purpose.
Negotiate Confer with others with an eye to reaching agreement.
Notify Make known to.
Operate Perform an activity or series of activities.
Organize Gather, collate, or classify information.
Participate Take part in.
Perform Fulfill or carry out some action.
Place Locate and choose positions for.
Plan Devise or project the realization of a course of action.
Practice Perform work repeatedly in order to gain proficiency.
Prepare Make ready for a particular purpose.
Proceed Begin to carry out an action.
Process Subject something to specific treatment; handle in accordance with prescribed procedure.
Promote Advance to a higher level or position.
Propose Declare a plan or intention.
Provide Supply what is needed; furnish.
Recommend Advise or counsel a course of action; offer or suggest for adoption.
Represent Act in the place of or for.
Report Give an account of; furnish information or data.
Research Inquire into a specific matter from several sources.
Review Examine or re-examine.
Revise Rework in order to correct or improve.
Schedule Plan a timetable.
Secure Gain possession of; make safe.
Select Choose the best suited.
Sign Formally approve a document by affixing a signature.
Specify State precisely in detail or name explicitly.
Stimulate Excite to activity; urge.
Submit Yield or present for the discretion or judgment of other.
Supervise Personally oversee, direct, inspect or guide the work of others with responsibility for meeting standards of performance.
Train Guide others in order to bring up to a predetermined standard.
Transcribe Transfer data from one form of record to another or from one method of preparation to another - without changing the nature of the data.
Verify Confirm or establish authenticity; substantiate.

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