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Media Technician

Media Technician—Job Standard

Job Family: Technical
Series: Technical Media
Job Code: 4161
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Union Status:

This title is part of a career progression within the Technical Media Series consisting of consisting of Media Technician and MediaTechnician Senior.

Job Overview

Provide technical media services and assistance in support of designated University areas.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Provide technical media services and assistance in support of designated University areas; use judgment in prioritization of work activities and in decisions regarding application of specific media processes and techniques; assist in and develop design concepts, determine specifications and solutions and facilitate completion of particular projects within the context of established guidelines; research and evaluate updated media tools, techniques and methods; provide recommendations to promote optimum utilization of services.

Provide technical assistance; use equipment, technology and/or area resources to ensure project implementation and service delivery; develop schedules, resolve aesthetic, design and technical issues related to layout, setup and presentation of projects, publications, graphics, Internet, video and other materials; operate photographic, audiovisual, computer or digital equipment and perform activities related to processing and implementing final multimedia product.

Provide assistance and instruction related to equipment, systems, design and multimedia options; collaborate with internal and external constituents to develop and execute materials and to communicate technical, conceptual and procedural information based on a comprehensive understanding of area and University guidelines.

May provide functional supervision to designated employees and/or affiliates.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience equivalent to

Associate's degree in related field and two to three years related experience required.

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