University of Vermont

Human Resource ServicesĀ and Operations

Academic Services Professional

Classified Executive—Job Standard

Job Family: Executive
Series: Executive
Job Code: 1999
FLSA: Exempt
Union Status: NU

Job Overview

Direct operational, administrative, management and programmatic functions for a non-academic department serving administrative or service needs in support of the University and it's core mission; reports to an executive level or unclassified officer position.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Direct operational, administrative, management and programmatic functions of a non-academic department serving administrative or services needs; conceptualize and oversee implementation of broad, long-range departmental policies, procedures, goals and objectives, which generally impact multiple University departments and/or external constituencies; influence, define and evaluate high impact, complex, long range organizational, operational or service initiatives with general to limited guidance to ensure institutional consistency and regulatory compliance.

Establish budget priorities, projections and controls; interpret policies and regulations; and ensure administrative functions, human resource and fiscal activities are consistent and in compliance with applicable external and University requirements.

Provide leadership and/or chair internal and external committees, events and activities, serving as University representative; foster relationships and collaborate with senior administration, Board of Trustees and external leaders to optimize University resources and to promote the University's mission.

Provide interpretation of and communicate with internal and external constituencies regarding conceptual, contractual, technical and financial management information which may be confidential, highly charged or time sensitive, resulting in mid to long range departmental/institutional outcomes.

Provide administrative supervision to more than two ongoing exempt employees and functional supervision to designated affiliates.

Distinct Functions

Perform activities pertinent to area of specialization; examples may include: Direct integration of  University strategic plan and planning and management of capital project.

Minimum Qualifications 

Education and experience equivalent to: 

Bachelor's* degree in a specialized or related field and seven to ten years' related experience required. *Level of degree may vary based on specific job functions.

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