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Accessing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

The Wellness Corporation LogoFor most UVM faculty, staff and their families, the front door to mental health and substance abuse care is through The Wellness Corporation (800-828-6025). As the University's employee assistance provider, The Wellness Corporation is uniquely positioned to meet your mental health and substance abuse care needs, offering free counseling, maintaining confidentiality, and setting up individuals and their families with qualified local care as appropriate.

Depending on the nature of an individual's needs, The Wellness Corporation creates connections with long-term care through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT). When they do, mental health and substance abuse care management transitions to BCBSVT's care management program.

BCBSVT LogoAnnouncing a New Care Management Program

BCBSVT is changing its Mental Health and Substance Abuse care management program. With the goal of improving service, they have partnered with the Brattleboro Retreat to form Vermont Collaborative Care, the organization that will handle UVM's mental health and substance abuse care management beginning July 1, 2013.

This new program will integrate the management of mental health and substance abuse with the management of other kinds of health care. This new care management model is expected to promote better health outcomes and a more efficient, convenient and satisfying experience for members seeking care. Because it does not separate mental health and substance abuse from an individual's other health care needs, it encourages treatment of the whole person, taking into account all of the conditions present.

When is the transition?

Vermont Collaborative Care will begin its management of mental health and substance abuse care effective July 1, 2013. Those accessing care covered through BCBSVT before July 1, 2013 should call Magellan (800-395-1356) for mental health services prior to that date.

After July 1, Magellan will remain available to answer your questions about pre-July 1 service. If you call Magellan about post-July 1 service, they will transfer your call to customer service at BCBSVT. Magellan will work closely with BCBSVT to ensure that you will not experience any interruption in your care.

How will service change?

You will receive a new ID card in June. The card will reflect a single phone number moving forward for all your BCBSVT-covered health care management. If you wish to view the Certificate of Coverage you may do so online at BCBSVT's Member Resource Center, or request a hard copy by calling BCBSVT customer service at 888-222-7886.

What about my provider?

BCBSVT reports positive feedback from the provider community about this exciting new direction and they anticipate very little disruption in their extensive network of providers. We fully expect that the vast majority of those in treatment will see no change in their service. In the event that a provider chooses to leave the network, BCBSVT will follow their usual process of proactively notifying impacted members and working with the member and provider to ensure a smooth transition to a participating provider through transition visits, when available.

If you have questions about this change or need to discuss service, call BCBSVT customer service at (888) 222-7886.


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