262 Pearl Street

Former Name: Oziah Buell House #1

Date built: ca. 1815

By Lisa Ryan

There is very little left of Oziah Buell's first house at 262 Pearl Street aside from its massing. This five-by-two bay, two-and-a-half story building has undergone dramatic changes. Originally built in brick with paired chimneys, the house is now sheathed in aluminum siding. All of the original windows and door details have been replaced.(1)

Oziah Buell moved to Burlington in 1804. Both Oziah and his brother Moses were leading merchants and founders of the First Congregational Church. He built this house circa 1812, but only resided here for 5 years. He lived in Burlington until his death in 1833. Although this house was Buell's original dwelling, he also built a home at 303 Pearl Street, which he reportedly lived in by 1818. According to Burlington's city directories, Buell was still the owner of 262 Pearl Street as late as 1875, when he ceased to appear in the listing. From 1875 until 1919 the house changed hands several times, until it became the home and office of Dr. Thomas Brown and remained so until 1928. Dr. Elmer Pike was the owner from 1928 until 1961. The house was then used as the Nulty Polly Dance Studio and a Dentist office until 1985, when it was renovated into apartments.(2)



(1) State of Vermont Division of Historic Preservation: Historic Sites and Structures Survey, 1977.

(2) Burlington City Directories, 1866-1975.

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