HP 306 Architectural Conservation I

Course Goals

The main goal of this course is to provide an overview of the study of architectural conservation through an examination of historic uses and physical properties of common historic building materials and finishes. We will explore the composition and pathology of building materials and examine strategies for conservation treatments and rehabilitation.

We recognize that the professional preservationist should have a broad understanding of basic analytical and research skills, including a knowledge of historic construction techniques and the abilities:

Another goal of this architectural conservation course is to provide a background for preservationists who will be working with architects, engineers, building trades workers, contractors, conservators, architectural historians, preservation advocates, grant recipients, developers, property owners, review boards and others.

A final goal of the course is to help prepare students for professional positions in preservation that require the review of conservation treatment proposals, architectural designs, and preservation grant applications.

This spring semester course is intended for historic preservation graduate students, but a limited number of seats may be available for others by instructor's permission.

This is the first of a two-part sequence of courses with HP 307 Architectural Conservation II following next semester.

For more information, contact the UVM Historic Preservation Program at historic.preservation@uvm.edu.