HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites

Course Goals and Outcomes

HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites is designed to provide an introduction to the historic preservation research methods and documentation techniques used by professional historic preservationists to identify and to record historic structures and heritage sites using archival and physical evidence. The course introduces techniques for heritage site research and documentation, including the development of building descriptions, historical narratives, and skills in digital photography, GIS, CAD measured drawings, and publishing on the web. The reading assignments are intended to provide incoming preservation students a broad overview of the field of preservation and to help students develop knowledge and skills in historic sites research methodologies. Another goal of this course is to help students develop skills in working on collaborative preservation research projects. The results of this research project will be shared with the public as a public service through a web site developed in this course.

For more information on this course which normally runs in the fall semester, contact the UVM Historic Preservation Program at historic.preservation@uvm.edu.


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