University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History


Department of History Faculty Roster

Fall 2015

Full-time Faculty (May be Assigned as Advisor *)

BRIGGS, Charles (

(PhD, North Carolina, 1993; Lecturer)  Intellectual & cultural history of later medieval and renaissance Europe, world & early European history

BROWN, Dona ( *

(PhD, Massachusetts 1989; Professor, History MA Graduate Director) Vermont, U.S., cultural

BUCHANAN, Andrew (

(PhD, Rutgers University, 2011; Senior Lecturer) US History, US Foreign Relations, US Military, Global History

CARR, Jacqueline ( *

(PhD, U of California, Berkeley 1998; Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Coordinator of Transfer Affairs, Study Abroad & Internships) British Colonial America, American Revolution, Early Republic, Women Early America

DESLANDES, Paul (Chair)  ( *

(PhD, University of Toronto 1996; Associate Professor & Chair) Britain, gender and sexuality

ERGENE, Bogac ( (F15-SP16 Sabbatical Leave)

(PhD, Ohio State 2001; Associate Professor, Director, Middle East Studies Program) Islam and world


(PhD, U of California, Santa Barbara 2004; Associate Professor, Director of UVM Asian Studies Program)  China, Japan

FIELD, Sean ( *

(PhD, Northwestern 2002; Professor) Medieval Europe


(PhD, University of Chicago, 2010; Senior Lecturer and Director of Integrated Humanities Program) Modern European Intellectual History

GUSTAFSON, Melanie ( *

(PhD, New York University 1993; Associate Professor) U.S. social, U.S. women, gender politics

HUENER, Jonathan ( *

(PhD, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1998; Associate Professor)  modern Germany, Holocaust, Poland, 20th-century Europe

KORNBLUH, Felicia ( *

(PhD, Princeton University, 2000; Associate Professor) post-1945 US, legal, women/gender, social welfare, disability history, and African American history

MASSELL, David ( *

(PhD, Duke 1997; Professor, Interim Director of Environmental Studies) Canada, U.S., environmental, North American Indian

McCULLOUGH, Robert (

(PhD, Cornell 1993; Associate Professor) Historic Preservation, Architectural History and Historic Preservation Law

MCGOWAN, Abigail ( *

(PhD, U of Pennsylvania, 2003; Associate Professor and CAS Director of Strategic Action Plans & Initiatives) South Asia, Visual & Material Culture

MENDOZA, Mary E. (

(PhD, University of California, Davis, 2015; Andrew Harris Postdoctoral Fellow) U.S. Western and Environmental History, Borderlands

NICOSIA, Frank ( *

(PhD, McGill University 1978; Professor) Raul Hilberg Professor of Holocaust Studies, modern German History and the holocaust

OSTEN, Sarah ( (F15 Parental Leave)

(PhD, U of Chicago 2010; Assistant Professor) Latin America, Mexico

PHELPS, Nicole ( *

(PhD, U of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2008; Associate Professor)U.S. Diplomatic History, Gilded Age & Progressive Era, Habsburg Central Europe, transnational history


(PhD, U of Munich, 1998; Associate Professor) modern and recent European History

STEINWEIS, Alan E. ( *

(PhD, North Carolina, 1988; Professor, Director, UVM Center for Holocaust Studies)  Nazi Germany, Holocaust, Jewish

STILWELL, Sean ( *

(PhD, York, Can. 1999; Associate Professor)  Africa

VISSER, Thomas (

(MS, Vermont 1986; Professor and Director, Historic Preservation) Historic Preservation, Architectural Conservation

WHITFIELD, Harvey Amani ( *

(PhD, Dalhousie 2003; Associate Professor)  African North American

YOUNGBLOOD, Denise ( *

(PhD, Stanford 1980; Professor) Russia and Eastern Europe, European cultural, film and history

ZDATNY, Steven ( *

(PhD, U of Pennsylvania 1982, Professor) Modern France and Europe, cultural and social history

ZELKO, Frank ( *

(PhD, U of Kansas 2003; Associate Professor) Environmental History