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Two graduates from the Department of History have won Pulitzer Prizes, one for journalism, the other for literature. Explore careers in history.



The study of history is learning through inquiry

The word "history," Greek in origin, means "learning through inquiry," and that is precisely what our professors of history and their students do. At UVM the study of history is much more than memorizing dates, names, battles, and treaties. Together, students and faculty discover and interpret the past by asking questions and conducting research. In the process, students become educated people, possessing flexible minds and sophisticated world views, who are prepared to meet the challenges of a constantly changing and increasingly complex world.

A Community of Scholars and Teachers

Virtually every member of our department has won or been nominated for one or more of the university's awards for excellence in teaching. We are equally proud of the fact that we are a community of scholars involved in the active pursuit of historical understanding. Every member of the History faculty is a published author. As scholar-teachers we are committed to sharing our love of history and our search for historical insight with our students.

Our Students

The History Department enjoys a diverse group of students. Many who enroll in our classes are not history majors and many who are history majors have no intention of teaching history or otherwise becoming professional historians. What all of our students share is a passion for history and a desire to use its study as a means of deepening their insight into the human condition, sharpening their analytical skills, and improving their ability to express their insights in clear English prose. In other words, they have chosen history as their main avenue toward a well-rounded education.

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History Dept. Blog

Dr. Andy Buchanan Speaks at the New York Military Affairs Symposium

20 December 2014, 1:17 pm

As things wind down from the first semester of the 2014-2015 academic year, UVM history faculty continue to pursue research in a variety of areas and publish in multiple venues. Senior Lecturer Andy Buchanan, who has published the book American Grand Strategy in the Mediterranean During World War II, recently spoke on the topic at […]

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