2016 - 2017 University Scholars

The University Scholars program recognizes distinguished UVM faculty members for sustained excellence in research, creative and scholarly activities. The Scholars are selected by a faculty panel based upon nominations submitted by UVM colleagues.


Robert V. Bartlett, PhD

Robert Bartlett

Robert V. Bartlett holds the Gund Chair of the Liberal Arts in the Political Science Department at the University of Vermont and he is the Chair of the Political Science Department.  He received his BA (with distinction, Phi Beta Kappa) in 1974, an MPA in 1976, and the PhD in 1984, all from Indiana University. His previous institutions include Purdue University, Boise State University, Texas Tech University, and Indiana University.  He has twice been a Senior Fulbright Scholar (Lincoln University and University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and Trinity College, Ireland).  In 2007 he was Distinguished Fulbright Chair of Environmental Policies at the Turin Polytechnic Institute and University in Italy.  He teaches courses in environmental politics and policy, including U.S. Environmental Politics, Comparative Environmental Politics, International Environmental Governance, and Earth Systems Governance.  He has published many research articles and ten books, most recently (with Walter F. Baber) Consensus and Global Environmental Governance: Deliberative Democracy in Nature’s Regime, The MIT Press, 2015.

Robert Pepperman Taylor, PhD

Robert Pepperman Taylor

Bob Pepperman Taylor received his BA from Wesleyan University (CT) and his Phd from Rutgers University. He joined the University of Vermont Department of Political Science in 1986. He teaches courses in political theory and the history of political thought, and his scholarship focuses on American political thought. His publications include six books, the most recent of which is The Rutledge Guidebook to Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”. He is currently completing work on a new edition of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” with supporting historical documents (Broadview Press). His awards include the University of Vermont Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Award, a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, and the 2016 UVM George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award.

Ira M. Bernstein, MD

Ira Bernstein

Ira M. Bernstein is Professor and John Van Sicklen Maeck Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and medical director of Women’s services at the University of Vermont Medical Center. He graduated magna cum laude from Union College in NY with a degree in Psychobiology (1978) and is an Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society graduate from the University of Vermont College of Medicine (1983). He has served as director of maternal fetal medicine (MFM) and MFM fellowship training as well as Senior Associate Dean for Research at the college of medicine. Dr. Bernstein’s primary research interest is the investigation of human integrative physiology and its pathophysiologic variations during the course of pregnancy.  Dr. Bernstein was recognized with the Distinguished Academic Achievement Award from the UVM College of Medicine in 2002 and has received research awards from the New England Perinatal Society, the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine and the Society for Reproductive Investigation. He currently serves on the medical advisory board for the Preeclampsia Foundation and is a member of the Executive Board of the Vermont Oxford Neonatal Network.

Jason H. T. Bates, PhD

Jason Bates

Jason H.T. Bates is a professor in the Department of Medicine with a joint appointment in the Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, and from 2010 to 2014 he served as the Interim Director of the UVM School of Engineering.  Dr. Bates obtained his PhD in physics from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in 1978 and his PhD from the Department of Medicine at the University of Otago in New Zealand in 1981. He was awarded the doctor of science degree by the University of Canterbury in 1994 for his contributions to the field of lung mechanics. Dr. Bates spent the early part of his career at McGill University where he rose to the rank of full professor of medicine and biomedical engineering before coming to UVM in 1999. His research focusses mostly on the mechanical behavior of the lung in health and disease, for which he performs both laboratory experimentation and computational modeling. Dr. Bates is an elected a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical & Biological Engineering and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. He is also the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Applied Physiology. Dr. Bates has published over 260 peer-reviewed journal papers as well as 22 book chapters and a single author book entitled “Lung Mechanics. An Inverse Modeling Approach” published in 2009 by Cambridge University Press. He is also the inventor of the Flexivent ventilator that is used worldwide in the study of mouse models of lung disease.

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines

Any full-time UVM faculty member may nominate or re-nominate any full-time member of the faculty for a University Scholar Award. Please note that this award is not limited to members of the Graduate Faculty. It is most appropriate for nominees to be at the highest rank in their faculty track.

Four University Scholar Awards will be available: two to individuals in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts, and two to individuals in the Basic and Applied Sciences (including Biological, Medical and Physical Sciences). Each of the four awards will carry a grant of $2500 to be used at the discretion of the recipient to promote her or his scholarly activities.

Nominations will be reviewed by a faculty committee which will then forward its recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College for final action.

The University Scholars are announced in early April.

Each nomination must include:

  • A completed PDF icon Nomination Form (PDF)
  • A letter of nomination, from a UVM faculty member
  • A letter seconding the nomination from a UVM faculty member
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae of the nominee

Please address the following items in the letter of nomination and the letter seconding the nomination.

  • Contributions promoting research, creative activities and scholarship in the discipline of the nominee, highlighting particularly unique and highly acclaimed contributions.
  • Contributions to promoting research, creative activities and scholarship in the UVM community.
  • Contributions to teaching or mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in research, creative activities and scholarship.
  • Other comments deemed pertinent.

Please do not include more than two letters.  The nomination materials must be received by the Graduate College Office by no later than February 3, 2017.  If you have any further questions about this program, please contact Kathie Merchant at x63017.

Prior University Scholars

Prior University Scholars


  • Tina Escaja, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ray Vega, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Philip Ades, College of Medicine
  • Marilyn Cipolla, College of Medicine


  • Dennis P. Clougherty, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sylvie Doublie, College of Medicine
  • Lokangaka Losambe, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Thomas Streeter, College of Arts and Sciences


  • Michael Giangreco, College of Education and Social Services
  • Betsy Hoza, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Christopher Landry, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Curtis Ventriss, Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources


  • M. Cristina Mazzoni, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mercedes Rincon, College of Medicine
  • Stephanie Seguino, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Margaret A. Vizzard, College of Medicine

2011 - 2012

  • Richard M. Foote, College of Engineering & Mathematics
  • Berta M. Geller, College of Medicine
  • Jean R. Harvey-Berino, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Gary E. Ward, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

2010 - 2011

  • Rex Forehand, College of Arts & Sciences
  • James Hudziak, College of Medicine
  • Anthony S. Magistrale, College of Arts and Sciences
  • George Osol, College of Medicine

2009 - 2010

  • Ralph C. Budd, College of Medicine
  • John P. Burke, College of Arts and Sciences
  • William E. Mann, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Russell P. Tracy, College of Medicine

2008 - 2009

  • Jeffrey Dinitz - Mathematics and Statistics
  • Marjorie Lipson - Elementary Education
  • Benjamin Littenberg - Medicine, Nursing
  • Robert H. Rodgers - Classical Languages and Literature

2007 - 2008

  • Robert J. Gordon - Anthropology
  • Charles G. Irvin - Medicine and Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
  • Martin M. LeWinter - Medicine and Molecular Physiology and Biphysics
  • Stephanie H. McConaughy - Psychiatry and Psychology

2006 - 2007

  • Susan Crockenberg – Psychology
  • John Helzer – Psychiatry
  • Gary Mawe – Anatomy and Neurobiology
  • Ian Stokes – Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

2005 - 2006

  • John MacKenzie Burke – Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  • Nicholas J. Gotelli – Biology, Marsh Life Sciences
  • Carol T. Miller – Psychology, Dewey Hall
  • Robyn R. Warhol – English, Old Mill

2004 - 2005

  • Richard J. Albertini – Pathology, Medicine and MMG
  • Dwight E. Matthews – Medicine and Chemistry
  • Beth Mintz, Sociology, Benedict Bldg So. Prospect St.
  • David Scrase – German, Waterman Bldg.

2003 - 2004

  • Paula B. Tracy – Biochemistry, Health Science Complex
  • Robert J. Nash – Integrated Professional Studies
  • Dan S. Archdeacon – Mathematics & Statistics, Colchester Ave.
  • Patricia A. Prelock - Communication Sciences, 406 Pomeroy Hall

2002 - 2003

  • Charles J. Goodnight – Biology, Marsh Life Science
  • Rachel K. Johnson – Nutrition & Food Science, Terrill Hall
  • Joni K. Seager - Geography
  • Denise J. Youngblood – History, Wheeler House

2001 - 2002

  • Catherine W. Donnelly – Nut. & Food Sci., 200 Carrigan-
  • Donald H. DeHayes – SNR, 334 Aiken Center

2000 - 2001

  • Warren K. Bickel – Psychiatry & Psychology
  • Roger L. Cooke – Mathematics & Stats., 16 Colchester
  • Stephen J. Cutler – Sociology, 31 S. Prospect #002
  • Ronald Savitt – School of Business , 306 Kalkin

1999 - 2000

  • Lynne A. Bond – Psychology, Dewey Hall
  • Edith D. Hendley – MPBP, E213 Health Sci
  • Patrick Hutton – History, 204 Wheeler
  • David M. Warshaw – MPBP, D205 Health Sci

1998 - 1999

  • Daniel W. Gade - Geography
  • Martin H. Krag – Orthopedic Rehab, 430A Stafford
  • William D. Lakin – Math & Stats., 16 Colchester
  • Robert E. Manning – SNR, 356 Aiken Center

1997 - 1998

  • Charles J. Colbourn - Mathematics
  • Susan S. Wallace – MMG, 206 Stafford Hall
  • Stephen T. Higgins – Psychiatry, 118 Ira Allen School
  • Frank Manchel - English

1996 - 1997

  • Mark T. Nelson - Pharmacology, 301 Given
  • Kurt E. Oughstun – Elec. & Computer Eng. Votey
  • Howard Ball – Political Sci, 519 Old Mill
  • Susan Brody Hasazi – Education, 448 Waterman

1995 - 1996

  • Kenneth I. Gross – Mathematics & Stats., 16 Colchester
  • Joseph J. Schall – Biology, 203 Marsh Life
  • Mark E. Bouton – Psychology, 354 Dewey Hall
  • Alan P. Wertheimer – Political Sci, 513 Old Mill

1994 - 1995

  • John R. Hughes – Psychiatry, 130 Ira Allen School
  • Robert C. Woodworth - Biochemistry
  • Bruce E. Compas - Psychology
  • Joan M. Smith - Sociology

1993 - 1994

  • Bruce S. Kapp – Psychology, Dewey Hall
  • George F. Pinder – Civil & Envi. Engrg. 371 Votey
  • Luther H. Martin – Religion, 203-481 Main Street
  • Mark A. Stoler – History, 207 Wheeler

1992 - 1993

  • Kenneth I. Golden – Mathematics & Stats. , 16 Colchester
  • Robert J. Johnson – Orthopedic Rehab, 406 Stafford
  • Abbas Alnasrawi – Economics, 340 Old Mill
  • Esther D. Rothblum – Psychology, 362 Dewey Hall

1991 - 1992

  • Richard L. Anderson – Electrical Engineering
  • Judith L. Van Houten – Biology, 215 Marsh Life
  • Thomas M. Achenbach – Psychiatry, Degoesbriand
  • Chad D. Hansen - Philosophy

1990 - 1991

  • A. Paul Krapcho - Chemistry
  • Rodney L. Parsons – Anatomy & Neurobiology
  • Heinz L. Ansbacher- Psychology
  • William A. Haviland - Anthropology

1989 - 1990

  • Paula M. Fives-Taylor – MMG, 206 Stafford Hall
  • Jerold F. Lucey – Pediatrics, MFU, McClure Wing
  • Raymond T. Coward –Human Dev. & Family Studies
  • Samuel B. Hand - History

1988 - 1989

  • Kenneth G. Mann – Biochemistry, C401 Health Sci
  • Malcolm H. Pope – Ortho & Rehab & Mechanical Engrg.
  • R. Paul Hilberg – Political Science
  • George A. Sher - Philosophy

1987 - 1988

  • Lyndon B. Carew – Animal Science, 207A Terrill-Home
  • John J. McCormack – Pharmacology, B322 Health Sci.
  • C. Hackett Bushweller - Chemistry
  • R. Harry Orth - English

1986 - 1987

  • Richard Klein - Botany
  • Robert B. Low – Mole. Physiology & Biophysics, E317 Given
  • Martin E. Kuehne – Chemistry, A318 Cook
  • George W. Albee - Psychology

1985 - 1986

  • Bernd Heinrich – Biology, 102 Marsh Life
  • Julian J. Jaffe - Pharmacology
  • Ted B. Flanagan – Chemistry, A121 Cook
  • John Weiger – Romance Languages

1984 - 1985

  • James G. Welch – Animal Sciences
  • Norman Alpert – Physiology & Biophysics
  • Wesley L. Nyborg - Physics
  • Leonidas M. Jones - English

1983 - 1984

  • Richmond J. Bartlett – Plant & Soil Science
  • James E.Clapp, III - OBGYN
  • William E. Geiger, Jr. – Chemistry, A221 Cook
  • Philip Kitcher - Philosophy

1982 - 1983

  • George M. Happ - Zoology
  • Thomas J. Moehring – MMG
  • Christopher W. Allen – Chemistry, A131 Cook
  • Harold Leitenbertg – Psychology, 302 Dewey

1981 - 1982

  • Robert C. Ullrich - Botany
  • Brooke T. Mossman – Pathology, A151 Health Science
  • David B. Brown - Chemistry
  • Robert V. Daniels - History

1980 - 1981

  • Alexander H. Duthie – Animal Sciences
  • Stanley Rush – Electrical Engineering
  • Wolfgang Mieder – German & Russian 422 Waterman