2008 Friday Keynote Speaker
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Dr. Paul Bierman

Professor of Geology and Natural Resources,
University of Vermont

Quick Biography:

Paul is a geologist with two decades of experience in understanding how humans and the natural world interact. He's taught at all levels for 15 years including 13 years with the Governor's Institutes of Vermont. While not Nordic skiing or crying over the January thaw, Paul's does field work in locations ranging from Vermont, to the Canadian arctic, to the deserts of southern Africa.

Workshop Title:

What's in store for us Vermonters?


You've all heard something about how global warming works, words like greenhouse gas, IPCC, methane, long-wave radiation, feedback all get kicked around by the media but what does global warming mean for Vermont and what might we as a society do about it. Tonight, I'll review the science we know, the outcomes that science leads us to conclude are most likely to happen, how all of this will affect Vermont, and what we can do as a global society to make a difference. There will be slides, video, and time for all of you to work in small groups to learn, discuss and plan for action.

Click here to view Paul's Keynote Powerpoint