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Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speach
Paul Hawken speaks at Bioneers 2006

Local and National
Focus The Nation
VT Energy Education Program
Make Me Sustainable
EPA - Holiday To Dos

Climate Myths:
A guide for the perplexed, New Scientist, (suggested by Charles Burrows), “With so much at stake, it is right that climate science is subjected to the most intense scrutiny. What does not help is for the real issues to be muddied by discredited arguments or wild theories. So for those who are not sure what to believe, here is our round-up of the 26 most common climate myths and misconceptions. There is also a guide to assessing the evidence. In the articles we've included lots of links to primary research and major reports for those who want to follow through to the original sources.”

See All 26 Climate Myths:

Fixing The Planet: One weeks worth of food around the planet.

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