Friday Keynote Speaker:
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Dr. Cameron Wake

Professor, Climate Change Research Center, University of New Hampshire

Quick Biography:

Wake studies regional climate and environmental change through the analysis of ice cores and instrumental records. Currently he is leading research programs to reconstruct climate change from ice cores recovered from glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Canadian Arctic. Wake is also involved in the AIRMAP project, which seeks to improve understanding of New England’s changing climate and air quality. He leads the related INHALE project that is investigating the links between air quality and human health in New England. As part of the Northeast Climate Impact Assessment, he is the co-lead on two research papers and a series of reports detailing past and future climate change in the US Northeast.

Workshop Title:

Climate Change in the Northeast United States: What Are We Going to do About It?


Climate Changes.  It always will.  What is unique today is that human activites are also causing our climate to chage.  Cameron Wake,  Research Associate Professor at the Climate Change Research Center at UNH, will present evidence of increasing warming trends over the past century from a number of indicators of climate change across the northeast.  He will discuss how our decisions regarding our sources of energy in the next few years will impact the climate for future generations in New England.

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