Friday Events:
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Arrival and registration
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Paul Bierman's Intro to the Weekend
photos: [here]
Paul's presentation [pdf]

Peter Shumlin - Climate and Vermont Politics
Movies [1] [2]

Dr. Cameron Wake gives us a crash course in global climate warming,
icecore records, and climate change in the Northeast.
photos: [here]
Movies: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Cameron's presentation [pdf]

Our Carbon Footprints Today!!
See photos of some marvelous examples
by clicking

The Current Issues Strand

Earth Body Strand

Performing Arts Strand [movie too]

What's the Science Strand

Our total Carbon emissions:
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How to make an immediate difference in your own home:
Check out the total number of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs we use in our homes by clicking on the chart
See how much energy we save by using fluorescent bulds, and how MUCH MORE we COULD save by using more by clicking on the chart
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