Global Climate Change Winter Weekend Schedule – February 2-4, 2007

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3:30-5:00 Registration (HAYBARN)



5:00-6:00 Pre-dinner introduction to entire group (HAYBARN)

Senator Peter Shumlin, Speaker


6:00-6:40 Dinner (DINING HALL)


6:40-6:45 Move to HAYBARN


6:45-7:55 Catalytic Speaker in HAYBARN with activities, question and answer (Cameron Wake, Climate Change Research Center ,University of New Hampshire)


8:00-8:40 Present Footprints in Workgroups



BodyEarth: 2nd Floor Lounge of Kilpatrick


Current Issues: Martin Manor


Performing Arts: stay in Haybarn


Science: Haybarn Classroom



8:40-8:45 regroup in HAYBARN


8:45 Movie in HAYBARN – Too Hot Not to Handle


9:45 Open discussion of movie with speaker HAYBARN


10:15 Snack HAYBARN


10:30 In Dorms


11:00 Lights out



7:30-8:25 Breakfast (DINING HALL)


8:30-12:00 Group activities by Workgroup




12:00-12:55 Lunch (DINING HALL)


1:00-1:50 Rotation of Workgroups between leadersŐ groups (each Workgroup of students works with each other set of strand leaders, 50 minutes each). At least science group will get them outside. Leaders will stay put, students will move.

2:00-2:50 Rotation 2


3:00-3:50 Rotation 3


4:00-5:30 Free time (Students sign up for electives; sheets hung in DINING HALL)


5:30-6:20 Dinner Please welcome guest speakers (DINING HALL)


6:30-7:05 Elective 1


7:10-7:45 Elective 2


7:50-8:25 Elective 3


8:30 Social event/CONTRADANCE and social rooms for hanging out with speakers who remain or for talking with staff. Click HERE for information.


10:30 In Dorms


11:00 Lights out



7:30-8:25 Breakfast


8:30-9:10 Workgroup meeting to plan presentation


9:15-9:50 Elective 1


9:55-10:30 Elective 2


10:35-11:10 Elective 3


11:15-12:15 Smaller footprint creation with staff, speakers invited to stay on, personal action plan, reflect on electives to go home and make changes. Students complete evaluations.


12:15-1:00 Lunch


1:00-1:30 Workgroup Organization


1:30-3:00 Public Presentation and Closing