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Our Purpose:
 Our objectieve during the week that we are at the GIV camp at the campus of UVM, was to explore the property of Rockpoint and come up with a testable question relating to some area or aspect of the Rockpoint estate. We have divided into three separate groups and each of us have picked our own topics. Our group, Side of Playdoh, chose to test the water and surrounding land of Eagle bay and compare it to that of the swamp.

photo gallery:

The coast of Eagle bay                                View from Eagles bay                                Kelly and Katelyn          The gang at the rockpoint cliffs

Beaver Pond map
Topo of rockpoint
ANR map of Rock Point
Trees at the Beaver Pond
Trees at the bay
Water conductivity levels
Eagles Bay soil pH
Beaver Pond soil pH
Helpful links/ resources

Rain Garden

UVM Research Boat - the Melosira
These are snails