"Changing The World At Our Own Pace"


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Madness Monday:
We got an intro to our field sites. While exploring we traveled along the stream and saw many old beaver dams. In the process of exploring we found many new plants.  We also started formulating our questions for our own individual projects, while some did group projects.  Some people joined us in the forst with either their puppys or older dogs, where we got licked to death, it was a nice break from the hard back breaking labor! Some made pottery, others explored the beaver dam, then the rest of us joined for the abandoned beaver dam and adventure.

 Twisted Tuesday:
We started off the day going straight to the feild site, and starting our research. People broke off into different groups, or alone for some to study and identify there further interests. Some found raccoon tracks that were not seen before, while others caught other animals, or created pottery for a break. Then when we went back to work we started tking data, some measured trees, sunlight, or the purety of the water.

Savior of Posion Ivy

Wetland, Woodland, Wednesday:
Today the best of the best group  selected our field site.  We chose to conduct our research at t a local stream found in the middle of Centenial Woods.  We have begun to  pick our research topics and disuccus our processes for how to answer our questions.  It has been a long and tedious task but everyone has  developed strong goals to achieve.
Today a "fish out of water" overcame their fear of water.  He enjoyed understanding and relating nature to everyday life by getting down and dirty.
Today we saw so many dogs that it wasn't even funny.  Ranging from baby Golden Retrievers to Saint Bernards and got licked to death! (:

Thrilling Thursday ELECTIVES:
Today is THRILLING THURSDAY and we are off and running .  The group has chosen  to either go on the Melasirus in the afternoon or evening to enjoy a cool dip, visit the Scanning Electron Microscope, and participate in Mouse Cars and Nature Art.  On the boat everyone was able to interact with marine life and understand the roles of a boat captain and his crew .  We looked at plankton through microscopes and caught zebra mussles. The Scanning Electron Microscope intreseted the entire group and allowed everyone to view the world in a new light.. Both Nature Art and Mouse Cars allowed the group to relax and have fun well connecting our studies to science.  It was a THRILLING THURSDAY!

Frantic Friday:
TODAY HAS BEEN INSANE! We have worked 8 tedious hours on completing our research projects , websites, posters, brouchers, IMOVIES, tours, and guides. With the completion of our research everyone has accomplished their goals.  We are able to relate our new knowldege to many circumstances involved in everyday life.

By: Samantha and Benjamin