Aerial Photographs

Paul's Group:
Human and Landscape Interactions

From top left to right: Sarah S., Otis, Luke, Sam, Bennett, Michael
Center: Cyndie, Brenden, Noah, Lizzy, Sarah W., Eliza, Julie
And Our Counselors on the Bottom: Matt, Kristen and Paul

    Our group surveyed 3 sites to find the human and landscape interactions.  We dug holes and tested the soil pH,  cored trees and took information on a fixed radius plot,  waded through water and tested conductivity, counted birds and found signs of more animals , colored maps and compared forests, and wandered around with GPS's marking points. We surveyed three sites which are: Site B (mixed forest), Site C (pine forest) and Site D (thick shrub). Throughout the week we have bonded, fought with technology and learned a lot about how humans and the landcape affect each other.

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