Leafy Bandits
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The Leafy Bandits, otherwise known as “Abby’s Group”, has been studying the integrated natural history of Centennial Woods. Each morning, we spent about three hours at our various field sites, took a one-hour break for lunch, and then returned to the sites for another three hours. We divided into three sub-groups so that we could thoroughly study the three most important aspects of the ecosystem in Centennial Woods. One group studied the plants and wildlife, another studied the hydrology, and the third group studied the soils. The soils group dug soil pits to examine the different soil layers and test their pH. The hydrology group ran a series of tests on several different parts of the stream to determine the overall quality of the water. The plants and wildlife group placed a wildlife camera in an effort to study how forest animals use the woods. They also studied the diversity of plants by sampling plots throughout the woods.

        Through all this sampling and testing, we were able to form a conclusion about the history of Centennial Woods as well as determine the health of the forest.

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