Katherine Meyer
After graduating from Boston Univerity with her MA, Katherine is now working at a no-profit in the Boston area that fights hunger and poverty.  This is her 6th year as a lifeguard for GIVSAT at it is a favorite part of her summer.
Bill Schoonover
Despite the intense demands and outrageous experiences, Bill returns this year for his seventh summer with GIVSAT.  Bill teaches science at Otter Valley Union in Brandon, VT, and he loves to garden and spend time outdoors.

Laura Mallard
Laura teaches geology at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She grew up mostly in North Carolina and attended the Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill as an undergraduate. Laura is an avid snowboarder, biker, and potter.

Abby Hood
Abby is working toward a Master's degree in Ecological Planning from UVM.  She has spent time as a caretaker on Vermont's Long Trail and conducted sea turtle research in St. Croix.

Elizabeth Jameson
Elizabeth is a resident of Winooski and is currently working toward a Master's of Education at UVM.  This is her first summer with GIVSAT and she looks forward to exploring plan and tree opulations an systems along the shoreline at Shelburne Farms.

Christine Massey
Christine is a geologist by training, has been to every continent on the earth, and has been working with Science Education for the last 10 years.She directs several K-12 science programs for students and teachers.

Paul Bierman
Paul is a professor of Geology and Natural Resources at UVM.  He's done research in far away places such as Africa and Australia as well as close to home in Vermont.  This is his 11th year teaching in GIV where he specializes in the relationship between people and landscapes.

Heather Burgess
Heather is a Master's student of geology at UVM where she studies Paleolimnology, or ancient lakes.  She lives with her dog and some close friends in the mountains around Camel's Hump, where she spends much time hiking and playing.

Justin Silcox
Justin has a great passion for the outdoors which led him to pursue a B.S. in Wildlife Biology at UVM.  He has spent the past year teaching at Champlain Valley Union High School and Essex High School.  He hopes to be teaching High School Biology in Colorado this fall.

Bruce Douglas
Bruce has been teaching various sciences at Otter Valley UHS for the past 27 years.  He graduated from UVM with a degree in Science education in 1967, and he earned his Master's Degree from Castleton State in 1985.
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