Day 1: Sunday Clips

Bill And A Kid

Mud Puppy and Zebra Mussels

Bill Eats The Mud Puppy

Skipping Rocks

Day 2: Monday Clips

Tall Grass and the Barn Gang


Matt - triangle

Day 3: Tuesday Clips

Netting birds

Walk like a raccoon

Star Wars run around

And around...

Day 4: Wednesday Clips

Plankton anyone?

Passing on the right...

Hey, it's just a rental!

Day 5: Thursday Clips

Dead owl - the bard?

More dead bird

and more dead bird

Blue rock

Paper 1, paper 2, paper 3 and paper 4



baby swallow
<>Day 5: Friday Clips


bugs and more bugs

the shale just keeps eroding

a green frog. really?

how NOT to drive, ever

lab time in Delehanty

music is good

revenge, sweet revenge

singing some more

swim call

Day 6: Saturday Clips

Happy Birthday

BMIs are our friends

ridin' the gondola

matt sure can count and count

a poster a day keeps the...

doing the shore dance for sure

fancy stick moves

some raven, ravin at the summit

if the van is rocking

if the van is sleeping

zebras in Vermont?