Site 1: Church Woods
Science & Technology 2004
Faculty & Staff
Alicia Daniel
Alicia is a field naturalist and native Texan who has lived in Vermont for 17 years. She has a cedar-root bench self-made from driftwood collected along the Elm Swamp seawall at Shelburne Farms.
Matt Kolan
Matt is a field naturalist at UVM. He is passionate about exploring processes at work on the landscape and developing a deep understanding of natural cycles.
Steve Marcotte
Steve is finishing a M.S. in geology/ tectonics. He creates 3D fly-by movies of landscapes and promotes the use of biofuels.
Jennifer Larsen
This year's GIV staff discussing a potential field site in Butternut Woods, part of Shelburne Farms
Jennifer finished her Master’s in Education from St. Michael’s College with a focus on Arts in Education. She has been doing geochemistry in the Geology Department at UVM for 5 years and is happy to be spending the week outside!
Site 2: Elm Swamp
Christine Negra Paul Bierman
Christine has a Ph.D. from UVM in soil science and enjoys helping students to understand the dynamic chemical, physical and biological processes in soil ecosystems. Paul is a professor of Geology and Natural Resources at UVM. This is his 10th year teaching in GIV where he specializes in the relationship between people and landscapes.
Bill Schoonover Kara Lenorovitz
Kara is still learning to express herself to others. She will post a bio sometime soon :)
Bill teaches science at Otter Valley Union in Brandon, VT. He has a degree in Biology from the U. of Iowa and is finishing up his Master’s in Education at Saint Michael’s College. This is his sixth summer with the Governor’s Institute.
Shelley Snyder Lynn Murphy
Shelley has a bachelors in geology from UVM and a masters in education from St. Michaels College.  She enjoys reading, refurbishing old furniture and cooking. Lynn is a science teacher, past Woodrow Wilson Fellow and Native American with interest in environmental science and ethnobotany.
Administrative & support staff
Christine Massey, director Eric Butler, web & tech support
Christine is a geologist by training, has been to every continent on the earth, and has been working with Science Education for the last 10 years.She directs several K-12 science programs for students and teachers.
Eric has a masters degree from UVM in geoscience education, and enjoys using technology to help people explore the relationships between science and society. He taught with GIV/SAT in 2002 and 2003.