GIV/SAT 2004 Digital movies and video clips
Your source for all footage of this year's institute!
This page contains links to all digital video files from the summer 2004 institute. Most of these are short clips, no more than 30-40 seconds (and usually less), and will load fairly quickly. The four major movies (each group's video and the final video) are much longer and may take some time. All files are in AVI format, which should be readable by both Windows Media Player and Quicktime. If you have any problems downloading or viewing these, please send an email to so the problem can be addressed. Thanks!
Major Movies
Elm Swamp Church Woods Lone Tree Hill Eric's final video
Short Video Clips
Elm Swamp Church Woods Lone Tree Hill General
Creepy people Matt intro David coring On the bus
Porch swimming
Swamp walking 1 Soil pit 1 Christine soil 1 On the shore Dorm hangout
Tractor ruts Soil pit 2 Christine soil 2 O Deer 1 All wet
Swamp walking 2 Nets in stream Christine soil 3 O Deer 2
I will survive
Cookie monster Stream life Farm Barn talks Wierd staff 1
Bale vault
Carson talks Log sitting Hilltop talks Wierd staff 2
Hail 1
Swampling song Martha's frog Kelsey talks SEM 1
Hail 2
Marsh ladies Computer lab Lisa talks SEM 2
Hail 3
Hannah talks George talks SEM 3
Bill & Marika
Rose talks Noah talks SEM 4
North Beach dam
YMCA Tyler talks SEM 5
North Beach grass