Day 2: Sunday - Into The Wild
What Happened
Sunday was the first full field day at Shelburne Farms. Each group spent the day exploring their field site and beginning to formulate plans for what they wanted to study and how they were going to approach this goal. The weather was beautiful, and everyone had a great time. Sunday night everyone gathered together for the Triangle activity, in which each person presents a triangular paper that represents their personality, interests, and history through clippings, artwork, and quotes. After each person talks about themselves, they lay the triangle on the floor next to someone else's who shared something with them. It's a really fascinating evening, as we all learn a lot about each other and set the stage for a fun week.
For a full archive of thumbnailed images from today, follow these links. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the full-sized image along with a short comment or description. Group 1: Church Woods Group 3: Lone Tree Hill
Group 2: Elm Swamp General pictures
Video clips
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