Day 1: Saturday - Getting to Know You
What Happened
Today the students spent some time getting to know each other and the staff through a series of activities and games. They also spent some time at Oakledge Park in Burlington, learning about what last year's Institute did, and how their work relates to this year's project. The group discussed public interpretation, or how to convey information about science and history to the general public. After lunch, the group made its debut at Shelburne Farms, taking a quick tour before heading off to the lake for a picnic and swim. A squall line intererrupted those plans, so everyone retreated to the farm barn to visit the animals. In the evening, a graphic designer from the Lake Champlain Basin Program worked with the students as they practiced using historic imagery and text to create interpretive signage, laying a foundation for the research and products they will be working on all week.
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