Day 3: Monday - Working hard in the field
What Happened
Monday was a full day of field work. Each group spent all day at their sites, making observations, collecting data, and studying their chosen interests. The staff spent the afternoon rotating between sites, so that everyone got the chance to work with all students. Everyone got a lot done and learned all sortes of new things. In the evening, we had a picnic on the shore of Lake Champlain, with great food and fun games of Frisbee and Flutterguts, as well as swimming and guitar serenades.
For a full archive of thumbnailed images from today, follow these links. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the full-sized image along with a short comment or description. Group 1: Church Woods Group 3: Lone Tree Hill
Group 2: Elm Swamp General pictures
Special: Kyle's scanned photos from Church Woods
Video clips
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