Lone Rock Point

Lake Champlain Thrust Fault

Here's a picture of an example of Lone Rock Point's thrust fault



About 500 million years ago Europe payed a visit to America. The tectonic plate of Europe crashed into the tectonic plate of America creating a thrust fault. Basically Europe crumpled New England and America's plate folded in under itself. The tectonic plate makeup of Vermont is Iberville Shale on top of Dunham Dolomite. So when these were folded, there are layers of Shale, then Dolomite, then Shale, and then more Dolomite. This accounts for the older Dolomite showing on top of the younger Shale, because the Shale above was eroded away.



 Vermont State Map

The Dunham Dolomite over the Iberville Shale

 The stratigraphy of western Vermont


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