Day 4


Morning in the Field


 A large tree



 Looking for the lost frisbee

 Field math

 A mossy rock

 More Dunham

 A snal on a tree

 Tree ring analyses (not cut by GIV)

 Trembling Aspen


At the upstream site...


 Flowers on the walkway

 Looking at the Wetland

 Collecting more data

 A pH reading

 Coring another tree

 The grand Winooski River

 More journal time

 Using the Pro XR

More from the Upstream Team



 The delicate process of removing the tree core

 A battle on the bridge

 Walking in the Mash

 Eric skulking around the mash

 More Eric

 Those are some nasty bites

 The Garmin GPS

 Up the river bank

Later that afternoon, electives. That night, the banquet



 Community Service Elective

 Deep in thought

 Jay making icecream

 Rolling the icecream

 At the banquet

 Dinner time

Overlooking the lake

 Mixing icecream