New Beginnings


First Step-


(Click on Photographs to Englarge)


 Checking In

 The line continues

 Moving into the dorms

 'Rond the horn to the T-shirt table


The Campus Tour- Perkins and other things UVM related


Off from living and learning 

Main campus near votey

 A walk on a hot morning

 Tobey's personal tour

 Heather's Tour

 Outside Flemming

 The Perkins Computer Lab

To the Field, but first, Lunch!!


 Scott enjoying his first Simpson lunch

 Kurt enjoying his first Simpson lunch


The First Group Activity

Measuring distances using your feet.

The game is simple, measure your stride, and count your steps to a specified location, the person who comes closes to the actual distance wins


 Longest stride to shortest stride line

 Jay's "wheel" pedometer

 Who's going to win?


Next one th agenday, a tour of the Ethan Allen Homestead

 A tour of Ethan Allen's farmhouse


A bit of rest and shade before a return to the hot and humid afternoon


 Too humid to move

 A small breather



Bill's educational, high heart rate, expermiment. How many deer can this group support


 Let the games begin!!

 Action Shot

 Who will find the correct resource?


At the end of the day, back in the van



 One tired bunch