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 The Theme for the Day


The Upland group at Ethen Allen Park


Outside the Ethen Allen Tower 

Veiw from the top

Tower Portrait

The Down Stream Team




Taking a conductivity reading

nonpoint polution

A frog

tree survey


Paul Teaching by the River

sitting by water's edge

Notes and notes

 and more notes



Looking cool guys

Taking a pH reading



A look at the map

Quick pose

Taking a GPS reading


Meanwhile, Upstream.....



Journal Time




Eric Leads the way

Lyn on the bridge




The upstream field site

One the bridge

George looking at tree leaves


More from the upland group



 Fizzing Dolostone

 A green bug

 Lunch time

 More lunch


 Our other nemisis, Poison Ivy

 A nice lunch spot

 Sitting on a rock

 Bill working hard


Later That Night....