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Coming from towns both near and far, the individuals of the downstream group formed a diverse body that drew from all areas of Vermont. Though connected by our interest in science, we were unfamiliar with each other's personalities and work habits. After a day's worth of introductions, we were thrown together and challenged with the scientific examination of a large piece of land on the Winooski River. During the next 3 days, we used scientific research to determine many things about our assigned area.

While studying the hayfields, vernal pools, larva-infested puddles, Winooski River pointbars, and flood-effected forests of our site, we gathered much information about these environments. In addition to the aforementioned activities, we meandered down the Winooski River via canoe and performed depth tests, velocity measurements, and volume calculations. Making use of the great strength and laboring of our highly-conditioned group members, we were also able to excavate one of our sites. Five holes were dug; three in the pointbar, one in the nearby forest, and one in the field just beyond the pointbar and forest. Highly trained geologists then helped us analyze the results, reconstructing history and identifying the effects of past floods. In this website, we will pass on as much of this information as possible to our viewers. We wish to thank everyone who was involved in our endeavors, as they would not have been possible without the great support we received.


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