Day 7-Saturday

Today we went to the Audobon Center and each group gave the others a tour of the specific sites...Upland, Lowland, and River.

jOhN inTrodUceS "CraZy PeTe" of THe UpLanD gRouP

Liz gives the group a very informative talk about the different types of mushrooms she has found.

Shana points out Mt. Mansfield from Look-Out Point (Upland)


Joel from the Upland group discusses the differnt types of amphibians that his group has come across at their site.

Sarah points out some wildflowers


Tara discusses a section of the Lowland forest


Jacob explains some of the geology from the Lowland site


A group lunch after the tours of the sites


After the tours of the sites we went on an AWESOME trip to Stowe, VT to take the Gondola up Mt. Mansfield