June 27, 2000


GIV- Science and Technology

Another hard day in the field!

Amanda, Rich and Jon studying the folds in the rock at Brownell Mountain.


Conor measuring the radius of the trees on Brownell Mountain.

Pictures of what the students found at Brownell Mountain on Wednesday, click on them to see them bigger.




Pat Gar., Katherine, and Pegeen rowing on Lake Iroquois.


Students working in the inlet at Lake Iroquois.


Here are some pictures of what the students found at Lake Iroquois on Wednesday, click on them to see them bigger.






Sean and Jon working together to answer their questions about Five Tree Hill.

Some more pictures of the day at Five Tree Hill, click on them to see them bigger.




Now Some Pictures from Science Careers Night

Students informally heard about the career paths of six scientists in the community and then asked them lots of hard and important questions. Students learned about what it is like to be a scientist in the real world.





 Jim,Omar, Justin, Vishy,Jen, and Tammy: our guest speakers.

 Jim and Tammy answering questions.

 Students listening carefully!

 Vishy and Jen talking about their careers.

Here are some great shots of our night with John the Professional Billards Player!




 Our little billiards player!

 John "wowing" us with a trick!

 The $500 pool stick!




 Another trick!

 Colin taking the challenge of making a shot over John!

 Nora and Michaela get to touch the $500 stick!