Tuesday June 27, 2000



The Day the Faculty Visit the Other Sites Besides their Own!


Students at Five Tree Hill learning how to take a tree core.

Kara and students discussing the plants, insects, and other life found in the water sample.

Here are some photos of other things found at Five Tree Hill. Click on them to see them bigger!



Students learn about the trees and plants at Brownell Mountain with Jeri and Rick!

Laughing and learning together!


Richard, Conor, Kyle, and Mike getting their toes wet in the stream at Brownell Mountain!

Some more pictures of Brownell Mountain, click on them to see them bigger!




Digging a hole to the bedrock at Lake Iroquois!


Reflecting in their journals on what they have learned about Lake Iroquois!


Here are some more pictures, click on them to see them bigger!



Recognizing Vermont's Finest Educators Dinner

Students and their guests enjoyed a nice dinner at the Waterman Manor Dining Room.




 Michaela,Cory, Wendy, Sarah, and Nora with big smiles!

 Enjoying the open veranda!





 Pat G and his teacher.

 Kyle and Bob

 Dinner with our favorite teachers.




 Heide and her teacher.

 Stefanie and her teacher.

 Ashley and her teacher.

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