Thursday June 29, 2000



Students begin their work on campus. Some students visited the library, the SEM lab, or their sites. Many students worked in the computer lab getting their site web pages and their personal web pages together.


Here is just a collage of pictures from the day!


Alicia and Gianina of the Brownell Mountain group working on pressing their plant specimens.


Marjie and Rich ready for field work!





 Rocks at Brownell.

Amanda and Jon doing a soil test.

Amanda, Jon and Richard working on the geology at Brownell.



Emily and Paul checking out the lake sediments, Mmmmmm!


Using the flow meter at Guano Island.

Enjoy these pictures of the wildflowers and plants that are found at Lake Iroquois.




Stefanie used the SEM to get this detailed image of a fern.

Wendy and Heide collecting plant and animal specimen at Five Tree Hill.




After a busy day the students enjoyed a Chinese Feast at The Peking Duck in Winooski, Vermont.

Our original plan was a BBQ at North Beach but it was canceled due to rain!

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