Welcome to the Governor's Institute on Science and Technology!

June 25, 2000

Students arriving and checking-in! Their hands full of stuff already!

Students purchasing camp T-shirts!

Chrisitne helping students fill out forms to get ready for a busy week!

After check-in and some lunch, we headed off into the field to get introduced to the areas students would be studying the rest of the week!

Click on these pictures to see them bigger!





 The snake we found on Brownell Mountain!

 Students walking on the trail at Five Tree Hill!

 Students working on a name game at Lake Iroquois!

 Bob and a student playing the question game on top of Brownell Mountain!





 Rick and the students headed towards Five Tree Hill!

 Students descending at Five Tree Hill!

 Hiking up Brownell Mountain!

 Getting rained on at Lake Iroquois!

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