Saturday July 1, 2000



Today the entire group visited each site and learned about the plants, animals, rocks, trees, etc. at each site. We spent time walking, hiking, looking in ponds and vernal pools, canoeing, and learning. This afternoon we rode up the Gondola at Stowe and hiked to the top of Mount Mansfield!


Amanda was telling us about the properties of the rocks at Brownell Mountain!

Rick is showing students the different rocks at Brownell Mountain.

Alicia and Gianina educating us on the ferns and flowers that grow on Brownell Mountain.

The group learning about trail erosion from Five Tree member, Richard.

Five Tree talking about their trees!

Wendy and Heide telling us about the animals found at Five Tree Hill in the pond pictured.

Jack telling us about the history of Lake Iroquois!

The Lake Iroquois group talking about their water conductivity statistics.

Learning about the vernal pool at Lake Iroquois!

After the pizza, the gondola ride and the hike to the summit of Mount Mansfield this was the condition of the students!

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