Friday June 30, 2000



Students spent the mornings working on their projects. Tomorrow they will present these projects to one another at each of the three sites. In the afternoon the students signed up to attend one of four electives being offered. Some students learned about the rocks on Church Street in Burlington, others went for a run on Burlington's beautiful waterfront, others made anti-bubbles, and some learned to make sundials. This evening we enjoyed a BBQ and then continued to work on our projects!


Dan working hard on statistics for Five Tree Hill.

Marjie and Amanda proofreading the Brownell Mountain Book.

Deep in thought at the computers!

Jessie and Ben burning the midnight oil at the computer.

Paul, Ashley, and Pat G getting the Lake Iroquois posters together.

Don't forget to check out the site web pages

Lake Iroquois, Brownell Mountain, and Five Tree Hill!



Our BBQ in front of Hamilton where the students have been staying all week.!





 Hanging out before eating!

 Before dinner soccer game!

 BBQ cooks!

 Marjie, Emily and Mo!

 Ashley, Michaela and Sarah!





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