Fishing in Colchester Pond



If you decide to wet a line, you might be interested in this section. Colchester pond is a warm-water fishery and has a maximum depth of 45 feet. The northern and eastern shores are surrounded by hills and therefore have steep slopes and cliffs which plunge towards the bottom of the pond. This is where the deepest and coldest water in the pond can be found. The eastern and southern shores of the pond have gradual slopes and are bordered by fields and marshes. These sides have shallow water which warms quickly and supports an abundant amount of submerged vegetation. It is important to note that this pond has no mentionable inlet and therefore is supplied by seasonal run-off from the surrounding basin.

The main species of fish in the pond are northern pike, smallmouth bass, white perch, and bluegill. If it's pike you're after try the deep water areas off the cliffs or places where deep water changes quickly to shallow water. Although the pike may frequent shallow water during the fall and winter, they will head for deeper water as the water warms over the spring and summer months. Try using spoons, jigs, spinners, and crankbaits in deeper water and topwater lures and spinnerbaits in shallow or weedy areas.

Bass can be found throughout the pond off rocky ledges, points, and shoals, or near areas of submerged vegetation. Try crankbaits, soft plastics, and crayfish imitations in rocky areas and topwater lures, spinner baits, and soft plastics in shallow/weedy areas.

Perch prefer the mid to deep water and tend to congregate in schools off submerged structures. Small plastic grubs, jigs, spinners, and spoons are all effective as well as the trusty hook and worm.

Bluegill are numerous and frequent the shallows and vegetated areas. They can be caught using an array of small lures such as microjigs, plastic grubs, and worms. Flyfishing can be very effective for both bluegill and bass either from shore or a boat and provides a great way to fish the shallows.

The pond is easily accessed by canoe and is only a short walk from the main parking area. This pond is a great place to use a float tube because much of the shoreline is shallow and the pond does not get too much wind which makes it easy to maneuver around. Please be sure to check your VT Fish and Game lawbook for regulations on this body of water. Motors of any kind are not allowed on the pond, and boats or equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed or sun dried for 3 days. The strict regulations are an effort to keep this pond free from invasive species such as Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels. As of the summer of 1999 Colchester Pond was free from these nuisance species; let's keep it that way!