Colchester Pond Dam

When you first arrive at the pond, the first noticeable human effect on the pond is the dam on the southwest side. When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers put in the dam, they blocked the only out flow from the pond almost doubling the size of the pond. This created a wetland on the southern tip and submerged trees and stumps in other areas around the pond.

Adjacent to the dam there is a boat launch, but for the safety and cleanliness of the pond, it is very important that you make sure your boat is clean because this pond is currently free of millfoil and zebra mussels. When break time comes around there is a small picnic site next to the boat launch where you can enjoy lunch or a snack.

On the opposite side of the cove from the boat launch there is a pole for the power lines that many birds like to rest on. If you would like to stop and look at the birds, make sure you are not down wind from or under them because they enjoy bombing unsuspecting visitors.