Beaver Lodge Site


One of the most interesting features of the pond is the beaver lodge which is surrounded by marshland and is located on the southwestern tip of the pond. Although at the time of our observation we did not see any beavers, it is possible that they are using the lodge. The entrance to the lodge is located underwater, which could have prevented us from seeing them. Please be mindful that the lodge is a home, and the beavers appreciate privacy just as much as we do! Be careful as you glide near the lodge as the pond can get very shallow during dry spells. Check out the lodge top: you've probably already noticed, as did we, that some of the sticks used to create the lodge have been cut by human tools. These have smooth edges compared to others that have been chewed by the beavers and have ends that are uneven and pointed. Do you think that the beavers stole these from slash piles? Or perhaps it is possible that the lodge was started by humans to initiate a beaver lodge, like we do with bird houses? Although the beavers might have been busy, they also seem to be smart and lazy!

As you paddle through this area, you may detect a nasty odor. Don't worry though, as it is perfectly natural. It's a pungent sulfuric smell caused by anaerobic decomposers in the muck. These organisms break down organic matter, such as dead plants and animals, without the use of oxygen; think of it as nature's own garbage disposal. The scientific term for this process is "eutrophication".

(Be aware to observe all posted signs, and be respectful of park boundaries).