This is SARAH'S page

at the

Governor's Institute of Vermont

for Science and Technology




This is me sitting in the fireplace lounge . (I'm the one in the BLUE tanktop.)


I am a sophomore at Middlebury Union High School in Middlebury, Vermont. I like goats, skiing, running, and strawberry ice cream.


So far, I really like the Governor's Institute. (I am saying this on the very first day, after barely twelve hours). I am on the Colchester Pond team.


Today, on the first Sunday, we did lots of group building activities. We had tours, met our roommates, ate lunch at Simpson Hall, and visited all of the field sites. We ate a picnic dinner and swam at Indian Brook Resevior. I'm already tired!!


Here are two more pictures. On the left is me again. On the right is Christina, my roommate. To see her webpage, click here. These pictures were just barely taken now, while I was making this very webpage!!


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