Dave's Page

After Day 1

My name is David Tormey. I live in Cabot Vermont, and I go to school at the high school there. I have two brothers, Sam and Eben. I really enjoy playing sports and being outside. I also like science. We are having a fun time at Governers Institute for science and technology. My favorite sport is baseball, I also play soccer and basketball. I have a dog named Frances too.


After Thursday



The picture on the left side is a picture of the beaver dam which was located at the southern tip of Colchester Pond. We were uncertain wether the lodge was active, because we did not see a beaver, and there was no knew sticks on the lodge. The picture on the right is of the dam that controls the water level in the pond. The dam was built in 1960.




These two pictures are views of Colchester Pond from the western shore of the pond. The picture on the left was taken on our only sunny and beautiful day out on the pond.


This is the Colchester Pond group. Notice the man in front sitting with his legs crossed. He is Bill, and he actually can't sit on water, he just thinks he can.